5 Cifre Digitale Contor Electronic Puncher Magnetic Inductiv Fără Inductiv Comutator

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5 Digit Digital Electronic Counter Puncher Magnetic Inductive


1. 5 digit large-screen LCD display, large and clear

2. Use an ordinary AA Batery, no external power supply, and easy battery replacemen

3. Press the PAUSE button to pause/count, press the PAUSE button again, and resume counting

4. Input adopts ordinary contact signal, simple and convenient to select sensor, accurate and reliable counting

5. The highest counting speed: 20 times/second, 1200 times/minute

6. Clear: Panel/external use

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 1.5V -- AA battery (For safe delivery, not included)

Counting range: 0---99999

Counting the highest frequency: 20HZ

Counting minimum pulse width: 10mS

Contact maximum resistance: ≤ 10KΩ

Contact disconnection minimum resistance: ≥ 500KΩ

Clear method: panel/external

Clear the minimum pulse width: 0.1 seconds

Ambient temperature: -5--40°C

Dimensions: 64*38*38mm

Opening size: 61*36 mm

How to use:

Start counting: Counting terminal input contact signal, the counter starts counting.

Pause counting: Press the PAUSE button to pause the counting; press the PAUSE button again to resume counting.

Clear the panel: Press RESET directly.

External clear: clear the external contact of the terminal and clear it directly.

Package include:

1 * Electronic Counter (Not included Battery for safe delivery)

Origine NC(de Origine)
Numărul De Model 652F1AA800446
Nume De Brand GBTW

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